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This is a short game in development about grappling and jumping. 

You play a mama spider creature who has lost track of her young babies and must collect them all to make a new home for yourself after your previous one has been so tragically destroyed.

There is currently one short main level to play.

Available for Windows. 

Best played with controller.

Now go grapple forth!



Developers: Alan Chen, Stephen Coady, Ensar Ilyas, Denny Aaron Wiseman

Game Art: Shianne Carrington, Min Koanh Fam, German Fuquene Rodriguez, Sumin Kim, Dahye Lee

Animation: Dewayne Clarke, Nayeong Jeong, Kateryna Oliinyk, Celine Zhang

Music: Mirabelle Jien, Elizabeth Legierski


Grapply-v22-windows.zip 162 MB

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